"EVOLUTION OF THE PILL" ART EXHIBIT [inspired by the BLACK cultural impact on the origin days of basketball].

From Sept.16 - Oct. 2nd, C.C had its first art exhibit-pop up style event in our city, Detroit. Inspired by the widely unknown hoop history period, called the Black Fives Era, and the impact black culture has on the game of basketball. Mixing those early 1900s era beginnings with the new school flavor from the 90s till now. Even had a #creamplayerchallenge shootout on our evolution of rims wall to make sh*t truly interactive. Ran into a few minor issues in the process but nothing can stop the creative mind once it gets to flowing. Created solely by our founder/creative director to tie in more of the CREAM PLAYERS expression we frequently use. Below are images and videos that display the exhibit as well as more insight from the mind of the idea.

Michigan apparel artist working in art studio.
Michigan artist in designer clothing
Michigan street artist inside gallery posing with work.
Basketball evolution inspired art gallery
Black Fives Era Basketball History Art Display
Basketball inspired art gallery display in Detroit, Michigan.


Michigan working on art gallery display
If interested in learning more about the Black Fives Era of basketball below we have some reference links to get your search started:

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