First off its bigger than a slogan....a CREAM PLAYER is the self-styled, self-driven, most elite member of society. One who knows their self and wouldn't jeopardize it for any material thing even though they love speaking thru fashion material, it gets the goosebumps flowing. An individual who carves their own lane in life like A.I driving to rack in the 2000 season of the NBA. No need to yearn for outside acceptance when your a CREAM PLAYER because they'll always show love whether you want it or not.

To top all that off, the CREAM PLAYER never needs to do much to be noticed or loved, everything comes naturally, what a divine individual!! One so in tune with their world but still willing to be a high-level team player to reach goals for the elevation of self and others..

Can everyone be a CREAM PLAYER? Hmm, yes if your willing to be an outlier and live in your truth. Its take a special mind to go this route but in the end we know its all worth it and can help shape this universe back into a self-loving but community living ecosystem.

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